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Trend Alert : Oversized

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Try An Oversized Piece For Fall : How to achieve

Louis Vuitton ss19

Design with Ease

You can create this look with an oversized trench, oversized suiting, or an oversized turtleneck with a denim jacket. Another direction is going the oversized or wide legged pant route with a sneaker or sandal. #louisVuitton above shows a great example of the oversized #trend



You can the suiting route without having to break the bank. Zara has some great options for some oversized clothing if you are just wanting to test if the trend might be right for you.


Oversized sweaters

The easiest and simplest way to try this trend is grabbing an oversize sweater, shirt, or t-shirt with a #skinnier #jean or #pant. Its definitely a more casual approach but it is a way to step up you everyday wear! Like this #yeezy one above

In conclusion which anyway you try, give it a go. Its a trend that can look sophisticated if done right or if done casually can up you streetwear game.

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