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The New Men's Bags

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Forget the old computer messenger bag, it's time for men to have their own bag that reflects their style



I know coach was once the Michael Kors of fashion but in the last two years they have completely upped their game. The bag above adds some fun with your work suit with the 4 completely complimentary shades. It can go from work to the gym.


Another #Coach bag that will look great with a suit or jeans and a tee.

BELT BAG or known as the Fanny Pack


It has made a complete comeback and not just with workout gear. It has been worn with suits over the shoulder. Many brands have made their own version, personally #Gucci has made the size and look I have been going for. It's not a look that will go anytime soon because fashionistas have been wearing these bags over the shoulder for the last 10 years.

Make sure when recreating this look that the bag fits over the shoulder and fits to the body without any bulk. The point of this look is to make it effortless to carry around anything from #keys, #wallet, to anything that you would normally not find room for in your pockets. If you're looking for a budget #beltbag try #COACH, #ZARA , #HandM , #Y3



Emporio Armani fall 2018

Dior fall 2019

Fendi Fall 2020

Louis Vuitton ss20

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