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Outfit of The Day

Even though it's covid-19 we can still dress to impress

We might be in the middle of a pandemic, but its scientifically proven that when we take care of ourselves including how we dress improves our mind set. So why not put some easy outfits together.

I will be showing some examples of how to t-shirt and pants into a chic ensemble.


Designer Unknown

This jumpsuit is about the easiest you can get, throw a white sneaker with it and you are good to go.



Throw a tan pant from either #ZARA or #GAP with a linen tan shirt, let it drape a little with a white or tan sandal.



Sportswear is about the chicest kind of streetwear right now. All it takes is a shoe to up the outfit. Try a #Givenchy sneaker or #Y3 even #Christianlouboutin has some fun sneakers out right now for fall 2020. Start with a legging and layer as much or as little as you want. You can even dress it up with a watch and a few bracelets to get the dressed up sportswear look.

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